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Oil Seals

Oil Seals

Oils seals are elements with a rugged outer and elastic inner part which are built into mechanical elements containing rotational parts. The function of the oil seal is accomplished by the elastic part which has a spring embedded within it. Oil seals are used on places where it is necessary to separate environments with small pressure differences. They are built into cars, small machines, domestic machines etc. The oil seals are being produced according to the DIN 3760 standard in 11 different types.

The materials which are used to produce the oil seals are:

  • Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR)
  • Silicon (MVQ)
  • Flour (FPM)

Remark: The shape and the quality of the oil seals that are not included in our standard production program can be manufactured according to the technical specification of our clients.