Welcome to Hemogum,
a leader in the production of high-quality rubber and rubber-metal products.

Manufacturing of rubber and rubber-metal parts

Our product range includes everything from seals, sleeves, O-rings, gaskets, oil pump seals, fuel and oil hoses, spark plug caps, shock absorbers, springs, to fuel pumps and bearing seals.
Each product is the result of precision manufacturing, using the highest quality materials to ensure durability, reliability, and efficiency.

Contact us: office@hemogum.com

The technology we use

Hemogum is equipped with CNC machines, milling machines, and wire EDM that are fully integrated into the CAD-CAM-CAE technological system. Our process involves designing, manufacturing, and testing new products, starting from creating a virtual model in state-of-the-art 3D software, through finite element analysis testing, all the way to prototyping and tooling for mass production. Thanks to our extensive experience in using 3D software, we can significantly reduce development time and costs while maximizing the use of modern software solutions.

Custom rubber, silicone, and plastic products

Hemogum manufactures custom rubber, silicone, and plastic products according to your orders, in line with your needs and precise specifications. For any additional information, feel free to contact us via email or by phone.

Reverse engineering

We also specialize in reverse engineering, whether it involves a damaged model on a machine or an entirely new product.

Our expertise allows us to conduct precise measurements, analyses, and testing of complex parts. Following that, we can manufacture new parts or create new tools, either as individual components or as part of the process of producing a new product.

Our workshop is equipped to manufacture tools for both rubber and silicone products, as well as plastic products.


Shipping products or samples to our production facility.


Tool and product manufacturing in the desired quantity.


Sample acquisition, measurements, analysis.


Shipping the products to the customer.

Ecology is important to us

It is important to us to keep our planet clean and to use ecologically stable resources and that is why we produce 80% of our electricity ourselves.
For further information please feel free to contact us.