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Tools and equipment

Hemogum disposes with CNC equipment, milling and spark erosion machines that are fully integrated in the CAD – CAM – CAE technological system. We design, manufacture and test new product from the previously determined requirements, from the design phase of virtual models using the most advanced 3D software, though examining with the end element method, up to the prototype and tools manufacture for mass production. Considering our big experience in 3D software application, we are able to maximally shorten the development time and expenses due to maximum usage of capitabilities of modern software solutions.

We are also very successful in dealing with reverse engineering according to the given sample, whether it is damaged part of an equipment or a new model. We are qualified to perform measurements, analysis and testing of highly complex parts, and then manufacture then as well, or make them as individual parts or either create a tool for their development. Our workshop is capable of making tools for the production of rubber & silicone and plastic products.